New Church Matching Grants

The Grant Application process for Church Planters is currently under revision. If you are a church planter who would like consideration for a matching grant in the near future, please complete the interest form below. Matching grants can be up to $25,000 and are generally used for church planter support or toward a first unit facility.

As a new church, if there is another need for a loan on a facility or property, the Foundation may consider options for giving assistance. Please complete the form below and give details on the “Additional information” response line.

Please complete the form below to receive information on the Church Planter Grant Process. Once you have submitted this form, you will be contacted within one business week with an update.

Grant Interest Form

Have you secured a primary partner (sponsor or sending) church?

Have you started any aspect of the new church (i.e. small groups, etc.)?

Have you completed a Church Planting School?

Have you joined any Church Planting Networks?

Have you applied for or received additional funds from a source other than the New Work Foundation?

9 + 7 =