Senior Couple With Camera On BeachEveryone has an estate, but not everyone has a plan. No matter our financial condition, all of us will leave possessions behind. The question is what’s your plan? If you do nothing, then in Georgia, the state has a plan to distribute your assets when you’re gone. The problem is it may not be the way you want your estate distributed and it does not include any charitable giving.

Having a well thought out estate plan is important for all Christians as a part of our stewardship of the material blessings God has given us.

To learn more about developing your estate plan, you should attend one of our Estate Planning Seminars in the spring or fall (dates to be announced).

Attend one of these seminars and you’ll find out …

  • The advantages and disadvantages of certain trusts and wills.
  • How to support your church and/or  start new churches.
  • How to avoid losing your assets to nursing home costs.
  • How to plan before you need long term care.
  • How to provide for your spouse and children’s health, maintenance, education and support.
  • How to provide for your special needs children and grandchildren.
  • How to plan your estate to make sure it passes on to your family most efficiently.
  • How to protect assets inherited by your heirs from lawsuits, divorces and other claims.
  • How to plan your estate to minimize federal estate taxes.
  • How to protect your estate if you become incapacitated during your lifetime.

Attend one of these seminars and you’ll receive a FREE, private initial consultation with an attorney from our legal partners to answer any questions you have about setting up your Estate Plan ($450 value).

Finally, you might also enjoy our video on legacy giving on our website at