Church Legacy Ministry

We believe that God is the owner of all things and that what we do with our estates is an act of stewardship. Every church in Stone Mountain Baptist Association is full of believers who have never even considered this as a part of their stewardship. Just imagine the Kingdom impact your church could make by serving your members in this way.

A Church Legacy Ministry can start with a planning meeting with a New Work Foundation representative.

During the planning process, we will assist the local church as they determine how to launch this important ministry to their congregation. We emphasize to the church this is a biblically based ministry and not a fundraising program or capital campaign. The focus of this ministry is on helping faithful givers connect heaven-inspired generosity with easy action. Studies have shown that on average it takes about three years for a church to implement and cultivate a legacy ministry so it becomes a part of the educational culture of the church.

For the New Work Foundation, this is a commitment to partner with the local church. We recognize that believers will be ready to plan their estates with an eye toward honoring their faith and family at different times in their lives.

We believe the local Church — God’s people — can have a powerful impact on this world. Our ultimate goal is to encourage thousands of area Christians to be intentional and purposeful with whatever God has given them … by connecting their faith with their relationships, expertise, and resources.

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