Church Planting School

Welcome to the Stone Mountian Baptist Association’s Church Planting School. This school will give participants a strong foundation for starting a new church. Please read the details below prior to finalizing your paid registration.


What will be covered?

The following subjects will be covered:

  1. Prayer
  2. Vision
  3. Core Values
  4. Administration
  5. Enlisting and training a core team
  6. Ministry focus area
  7. Evangelism strategy
  8. Family priorities
  9. Disciple-making principles
  10. Leadership
  11. Gathering
  12. Small groups
  13. Stewardship
  14. Worship strategy
  15. Designing Your church systems
  16. Getting ready to launch
  17. Strategic mileposts for success

How long is the school?

9 weeks.

When does the school meet?

The school will meet as follows:

  • Week #1: Live Training Session at church (including dinner)
  • Weeks #2, #3, #4: All class locations join in for live video/tele-conference training session class (preparation will be by a 30-min. video session, assigned reading)
  • Week #5: Live Training Session at church (including dinner)
  • Weeks #6, #7, #8: All class locations join in for live video/tele-conference training session class (preparation will be by a 30-min. video session, assigned reading)
  • Week #9: Live FINAL Training Session at church (including dinner)

What will be needed for classes?

Each participant will receive a web link to an online, shared Dropbox where class materials will be stored for download. The Participant Dropbox will contain:

  • Participant notebook and handouts to be printed by participant.
  • Link to video preparation sessions – Most sessions will require watching a 30-50 minute video and filling in the blanks in the participant notebook. Fill-in-the-blank handouts are also provided for each video/tele-conference.
  • Any supplemental resource materials and/or bibliographies.

Textbook: Planting Missional Churches: Your Guide to Starting Churches that Multiply (2nd Edition) by Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im. Broadman & Holman (2016)

  • Read great quotes from Planting Missional Churches HERE and HERE. Read endorsements from Christian leaders HERE.
  • Save $10.00 if you order this book digitally before class starts. Enter the word DIGITAL at checkout.



Who should attend?

  • Lead Planter/Pastor
  • Spouse
  • 3-4 additional members from the planting team, core group or partner organization.

Team members will be helpful to the planter/pastor during most of the sessions. The LIVE sessions focus on interactive group activities that utilize the entire team. Team members can also attend the web/tele-conference sessions at no additional cost. A Lead Planter/Pastor may attend the school alone, but they are encouraged to bring a team, if possible.

  • NOTE: No childcare is provided

How much will it cost?

  • Only $199.00 per Lead Planter/Pastor couple. The cost includes one textbook, all required materials and meals.
  • $79.00 per team member, including one textbook, all materials and meals (Registration is transferrable).
  • Scholarships: If needed, Lead Planter/Pastors should contact their partner association and see if any scholarships are available for the school. Some associations might provide partial, matching or full scholarships for attending. If a scholarship is provided, your association will give you a Discount Code to enter at registration checkout.


The 3-week guarantee

If a Lead Planter/Pastor attends the first three consecutive meetings (1 live, 2 web/tele-conferences) and decides that church planting is not God’s direction for them, they can request a 75% refund and keep the textbook and all materials. This includes team members. No refunds after the third week.

What support will I have to apply what I learn?

Participants will find ongoing support by attending three monthly I-Group meetings following the school. The Implementation Group meetings begin approximately one month after the final session of the school. Each class group meets as an implementation group (or I-Group) for encouragement and accountability, coaching for best implementation of strategic plan, and continued group networking. The group is facilitated by one of the school’s presenter/coaches.


REGISTER TODAY for this Church Planting School. This school is more than just a workshop on how to plant a new church; it is a spiritual journey of growing in your faith in Jesus Christ. Each step in the process works together to help potential church planters achieve their goal of planting a healthy, multiplying church.